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Guild Ranks




(the Guild Master)

(Guild Officer)

(Guild Member for 4+ years / served in the Officer Team)




(Guild Member for 1-4 years)

(Guild Member)


Guild Rules

Please find our Guild Rules below.  If we are informed of a material or repeated breach of these Rules, you will be removed from the Guild without appeal.

  • Guild members are expected to act considerately while playing World of Warcraft.  This includes ensuring you are not instigating or a party to any griefing, corpse camping, abuse or otherwise acting in such a way that is disrespectful towards others.  

  • We are not a Guild where foul language or disrespect should ever be the norm.  We expect a clean Guild Chat during prime time hours, although the rules do relax after midnight realm time.  We do not want to see rude, inappropriate or offensive comments in Guild Chat or elsewhere by our members - this includes using ableist, racist, homophobic or sexist slurs and any other kind of unacceptable abuse.

  • Please be mindful of unnecessary and overly burdensome arguments and rants in Guild Chat.  The vast majority of our members are playing this game because they currently do, and want to continue, to enjoy themselves and the often limited time they have to spend in the game.  We do not expect to see any member actively trying to undermine this with incessant negativity.  

  • You are expected to adhere Blizzard's Code of Conduct which can be found here.  Please note that for roleplaying servers there is a specific Role Play Naming Policy, and you can find more information on that policy here.  We require our members follow the naming conventions expected of a roleplaying server.  If we feel your name doesn't fall under Blizzard's definition of an acceptable name on a roleplaying server your application will be turned down.  

  • Absolutely no botting, hacking or cheating.  If you are found in breach of this, you will be kicked without warning, without a second chance.

  • No begging of any kind using any type of communication method, including Guild Chat or General Chat, forums, Discord servers.  This reflects badly on you as a player and badly on the Guild.

If you feel these Rules are too restrictive, please find a Guild better suited to you.  We want to maintain the core of our Community and this involves taking on new Members who are the right fit for us, and us for them.  We have a fun, positive and supportive environment where people can enjoy the game at their own pace, and while we welcome all styles of play please bear in mind we are very much a "social" Guild.  If you are looking for something more, there are many other Guilds on WoW Progress or in the Guild Recruitment Tab in game.   


  • If you have not logged on for a while, your character will be demoted and may eventually be removed from the Guild.




Argent Dawn (EU)

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