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Raiding Rules & Requirements


  • We raid together, as a team.

  • We try to avoid having to rotate players or insisting people play specific classes unless absolutely necessary.

  • We learn our roles, our classes and the encounters in a friendly, learning atmosphere.


This is the right raiding team for you if you are able to stay positive, focused and have fun!


  • We raid Thursday and Sunday from 8 pm until 11 pm Server Time.

  • You are required to be inside the instance latest by 7.55 pm, ready for the first pull at 8 pm.

  • Invites start 15 minutes before raid start time - whisper Daz or Feraanir "inv" to be automatically invited.

  • All raids will have two breaks scheduled in. Please avoid any other AFKs and be back by break end.


  • Raiders are expected to aim for 100% attendance except in the case of illness, emergencies and unforeseen circumstances.  For any raider that frequently fails to attend during a tier, they may be removed from the raid team.

  • Raiders are expected to bring appropriate amounts of their applicable potions, elixirs, flasks, buff foods and any other consumables to maximize performance for the raid. The Guild Bank strives to provide flasks and food for official raids for the raid team, but ultimately everyone should attend fully prepared.

  • Raiders are asked to maintain their characters outside of raids.

  • Raiders are required to complete at least one ilevel appropriate M+ per week, to help with gearing and improve individual gameplay.

  • Raiders must prioritise raiding with Immortalis on official raid nights over raiding with other guilds, teams or pugging.

  • Raiders are expected to research all encounters ahead of time – Wowhead, Icy Veins and Youtube all have excellent strategies and explanations of boss abilities.  Please attend progression bosses with at least a basic knowledge of your role in the fight.

  • Raiders are asked to research all class and buffs synergies to maximize raid performance. Communicating with your fellow Raiders proactively will simplify our work and help the raid.

  • We use an EPGP system for Raid Loot based on the best EPGP solution for the raid team (tbc).

  • Raiders must have the following AddOns installed: Deadly Boss Mods or BigWigs, WeakAuras for customised WA that may be created to suit our raid team, Angry Assignments and Immortalis Announce.  


  • Talking on Discord is encouraged but use your common sense. Do not undermine the Raid Leader, keep boss encounter chat to a minimum unless told otherwise.

  • Tactics can be debated, but only after at least attempting the Raid Leader’s strategy a couple of times. If you have a different tactic you want to suggest, whisper the raid leader at an appropriate time and let them decide – it is okay to debate the merits of a tactic but please be respectful and polite in your suggestions.

  • Warcraft Logs will be posted after every raid. You are expected to check them to see how you’re performing. If you feel you are not performing well, please ask for help – Immortalis members pride themselves on being friendly and knowledgeable! We’re all here to help each other as a team – do not be afraid to take advantage of the resources available to you.


  • If you are aware of any periods of inactivity, please notify the Raid Leader as soon as possible so that preparations can be made where we are struggling with numbers.




Argent Dawn (EU)

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