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There were doubters, naysayers, negative ninnies but despite mechanics not being our strong point, the Raid Team have done it!

Look at this amazing, beautiful brave, vibrant, strong, iron-willed bunch!

After much (much, very much) wiping in Castle Nathria, failing to dodge Echoing Shriek, breaking CC, Volatile Injections being too close, failing with Containers, Dark Recital tripping us up, Edge, killing each other with Chain Link, and getting hit by Massacre and Pools on Sire again and again (and again, and again...), our Raid Team have been victorious and achieved Ahead of the Curve!

Huge congratulations to our weather-worn Raiders who deserve a very big gin & tonic and a few sambuca shots after that dedicated effort.

It would be fair to say that this tier has been quite a toughie. Some mechanics had absolutely no forgiveness for a first-time failure, and the loot scarcity meant it was that much harder for our Raiders to push through. Which is why we are incredibly proud of our Raid Team for making it to the end and killing Sire.

We will soon be on a Raid Break, during which we hope our Raiders can take a well-earned rest, relax, and come back refreshed for the new battles that await us in 9.1!

"Your hubris amassed a debt you cannot pay!"

Daz, Primarch of Immortalis and The Officer Team





Argent Dawn (EU)

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