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A lost has happened in the last couple of weeks that has shaken the playerbase's faith in Blizzard, but the Guild will endure.

There isn't any good way to say this. Things at Blizzard are awful, let's be frank. Unacceptable employment practices and harm to female employees have been exposed in a lawsuit brought by the State of California after a two-year long investigation, allegations confirmed by numerous past and present employees on social media. Made worse by communications Blizzard then released internally and externally to the point Blizzard staff had to protest against the company's denials with a walkout.

The revelations will undoubtedly be disheartening for many. It is an incredibly difficult process to separate the art from the artist. We can only hope that good people are able to take control and turn the ship around, and cheer them on when they do. That being said, there will be an overload of information (as we've already seen) that you'll want to limit digesting, and consequently we recommend you turn off notifications in the Immo Discord discussion thread 'News re. Blizzard', and only check back there as and when you're ready for conversations about the next revelation. Ultimately this looks like it's going to be a long road and a tough process, but we can only hope that positive change results from all of this.

Regardless of how this has impacted your desire to play the game or engage with content about WoW, we want to let our Guildies know that we aren't going anywhere. World of Warcraft is the home where it all began. But our community will endure regardless of what is or isn't happening with WoW, and what is or isn't happening at Blizzard. Whether you decide to keep playing WoW or take a break, we'll support you. We are first and foremost a gaming community - we will continue to play games together across the multiverses and look out for each other as best we can.

Daz, Primarch of Immortalis and The Officer Team

PS really sorry for the Shadowlands spam, The Scribe was having a moment and a panic after realising we hadn't posted that one back in November!





Argent Dawn (EU)

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