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The Guild has been flourishing so much of late, we have had to halt all guild recruitment.

This is temporary, but for how long we cannot yet tell. We appear to have at least 30 active Guild Members online at any one time which is fantastic, but does mean there is a lot of ground to cover for a modest number of Officers. In an effort to ensure we continue to remain at a comfortable size, we will regularly review this position and announce as soon as Guild recruitment reopens. We are sorry to anyone who may be disappointed by this. That being said, Guild Members are able to recommend and refer good friends to join the Guild – we only ask that you ensure you do not recommend anyone who is not a genuine friend.

Immortalis is now present on Discord! We would like to remind all Guild Members to keep Guild Chat and Discord Chat Channels as respectful and as clean as possible. We are happy you get along so well with each other, but please do keep in mind those of a gentler nature also need to feel comfortable, and Guild Chat and Discord Chat needs to be as inclusive as possible.

In that vein, Officers cannot always actively monitor the sheer volume of chat a Guild of our size produces. If you do happen to see any Guild Member breaching the Guild Rules, or posting something you find offensive, please do not stay silent and let an Officer know – we need help making sure the Guild continues to be a safe space for all. If an Officer is not online, please contact us via Discord, Battlenet or in-game mail and we will come back to you as soon as possible.

In Real Life Meetups: There is a Channel on Discord to cover this. If you would like to organise something IRL, please do post in there and on these forums/the Facebook Group. Karaoke is happening in London next month, so if you’re interested go sign up!

Alt invitations: For those who need an alt invitation, an Officer will usually be around but not necessarily online – if you are happy to wait, weekdays you will usually find an Officer online in the evenings at a minimum, and at any time of day during the weekends. If in doubt and an Officer isn’t online, please contact us through Discord. We may miss messages in any other general chat channels (sorry).

Finally, to all our Guild Members new and old, we hope you continue to enjoy being part of this Guild, and we appreciate everything we know you are also doing to make the Guild a great place to be for yourselves and each other.

Daz, Primarch of Immortalis & The Officer Team





Argent Dawn (EU)

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