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Mount farming and all the quizzy goodness

After getting Ny’alotha, The Waking City on farm, all the raiders their glory achievements and taking most of the (willing) socials for Curve, the Raid Team are now on an official raid break.

Some fringe activities have been organised, including BfA raiding achievements, Legion transmog gear runs, Mythic+, social events and the occasional rated Battlegrounds.

Our glorious paladin Jimioo is currently organising BoD Mythic for the highly sought-after Glacial Tidestorm (Jaina’s mount) modelled below by a friend of the Guild. Everyone should feel free to sign up through either the in-game Calendar or via relevant channels/threads on the Guild's Discord.

Huge thanks to all our Raiders and Social Members who have joined both raiding and non-raiding events with us. We look forward to continuing our official raiding exploits (plus more banter) in the Shadowlands (and thank you ghost writer Sem for the above!).

The Guild Immo Quiz

The Guild hosted a Quiz Night on Saturday! Feraanir hosted with Izy assisting and great fun was had, as well as a lot of head-scratching. Those participating faced such WoW-related and fairly challenging questions as:

  • "Who is Sir Thomas Thomson better known as?"

  • "How many fingers do Gnomes have on each hand?"

  • "Choo choo! You're dead. Name the raid and boss."

  • "Where in the world is Feraanir?!"

This was quickly followed by a Photoshop game - "Which well known WoW personality has this Guild Member been Photoshopped onto?" and finally some brain-teasing Rebus puzzles.

The very clever winners of the 5-round quiz with pretty excellent long-term recall were as follows:

1st Place: Katzynn

2nd Place: Insinc

3rd Place: Amnoni & Anneke, and Silvergrove & Shepway

A fantastic effort was made by all and some of us learnt a thing or two!

Thanks to everyone who joined in, we will let you know of more such events in the usual way via Discord, Guild Message and the Facebook Group.

The Guild Quiz took place on the Guild's 11th Birthday, Happy Birthday all!

Daz, Primarch of Immortalis and The Officer Team





Argent Dawn (EU)

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