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All The Alty Goodness

After hours of wiping, learning how not to destroy each other's sanity with paranoia and balancing DPS in the portal phase, the Raid Team finally defeated him. This was a solid effort, including one comment "I've lost all my sanity" and a solemn agreement. It was worth it in the end, if only for this shot which shows how hard it is to line up while flying. This was the real challenge!

Following this achievement, Blizzard made some very welcome announcements:

  • Corrupted gear now drops from every Heroic Vision clear. Everyone now has more chances to even a) get corrupted gear, and b) get the good corrupted gear which basically double wearer's performance, hurrah!

  • Essences have been unlocked for alts! As long as a character already has Rank 3, alts can obtain Rank 3 of the same essence by farming enough Echoes of N'yalotha, obtained from assaults, raid bosses, M+ dungeons, horrific visions and Season 4 PvP (basically, simply playing the content).

These changes should mean more mileage from the current Expansion as those who were holding back look to getting some of/more of their alts up to date.

We are not expecting any other major changes, but you never know what the Blizzard Team have in store for us before Shadowlands.

Daz, Primarch of Immortalis and The Officer Team





Argent Dawn (EU)

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