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Officer Insinc, wise and fair, has posted up a Competition for our Members.

The Guild Winterveil competition has arrived! The categories are as follows:

  • A Winterveil Carol

  • A Hot Hawaiian Winterveil

  • As Bright As A Winterveil Light

  • As Cold As The Frozen Throne Winter

  • Elves: Night Elves, High Elves, Void Elves, Winterveil Elves

  • Grandfather Frost or The Snow Maiden

  • Have You Been Naughty This Year

  • Mgreener Than The Grinch

Entrants were asked to submit their screenshots in the relevant channels in Discord, so that our illustrious judges could vote on the winner in each category then tally up to find the Winterveil Transmog Grandmaster 2019!

This was clearly taken very seriously by everyone involved, and excellent high-quality, award-winning entries were submitted for each category.

Some even went as far as ensuring the scenery matched the theme, one (two) brave soul(s) even ventured into Goldshire..! Naming no names...

The prizes were significant, the most important being, of course, crowned "Winterveil Transmog Grandmaster!" - what an honour.

Great job everyone, the judges had a brilliant time admiring all the very clever and well thought out entries received. A special mention to Garnath who joined in and bowed out of these eyewatering prizes.

Competition was fierce, but huge congratulations are owed to our joint Winterveil Transmog Grandmaster Winners who came out on top:

Amnoni and Mysticbeard! May you wear this title with pride and please remember to flaunt it audaciously to your Guildies at every opportunity!

Daz, Primarch of Immortalis and The Officer Team





Argent Dawn (EU)

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